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Trust Litigation

Fort Myers Trust Litigation Lawyers

Cases involving trust disputes can be extremely complex and require the skills of an experienced team of trust litigation attorneys.  The attorneys at SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers are seasoned trial attorneys who know how to handle complex trust contest matters.  We represent family members, beneficiaries, trustees, personal representatives and other interested parties in a complete range of trust-related disputes.  Our lawyers draw on more than 200 years of collective experience to aggressively protect and advocate for the legal rights of our clients.  

The Florida Trust Code sets forth the specific legal duties and powers of trustees.  According to the law, trustees are required to administer the trust in good faith, according to the terms and purposes of the trust.  The law also states trustees owe a duty of loyalty to the beneficiaries, meaning that trustees are required to administer the trust “solely in the interests” of the trust beneficiaries. Trustees must also administer the trust prudently, take reasonable steps to control and protect all property in the trust and act impartially when administering the trust property.

Handling Substantial Trust Disputes

When trusts include substantial property and assets, serious conflicts and disagreements are likely to arise.  These disputes are often highly emotional and typically involve allegations that a trustee has failed to fulfill his or her fiduciary duties required by the law. Every trust litigation attorney at our firm is familiar with these kinds of cases.  We understand the complex body of laws that govern trust administration and we handle a diverse range of trust litigation matters, including:

  • Mismanagement of trust assets
  • Inadequate or irregular distribution of funds
  • Illegal disposal of trust assets
  • Diversion of trust assets to the trustee
  • Lack of impartiality and conflicts of interest
  • Lack of mental capacity
  • Undue influence

Litigating Complex Trust Contests

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate and pursue cases involving complex trust-related disputes.  Whether we are representing a trustee accused of mismanaging assets or working with a family to prove an undue influence case, our attorneys are committed to securing a fair and proper remedy for our clients. We are a small team of highly aggressive litigators who have the skills and experience necessary to fight for your rights and interests at all stages of the legal process.  

You are counting on us to help you through a difficult and challenging situation.  We will work with you to protect your legal rights and make certain you are treated fairly under the law.  Our lawyers explain complex legal rules and procedures in a straight-forward manner and keep you informed at all stages of your case.  At SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers, our clients are very important to us, which is why we work one-on-one with you to develop strategies that are best suited to your needs and interests.

Contact SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers for Assistance in Your Trust Dispute

When you are involved in a complicated dispute involving a trust, you need a strong legal team on your side.  The attorneys at SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers are a skilled group of trust litigation attorneys who represent clients in serious trust contest cases. If you have questions about our services or are involved in a trust dispute, contact an experienced Fort Myers trust litigation attorney at our firm to discuss your situation.