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Will Contests

About Will Disputes

When there is a dispute over a will, emotions tend to run high and significant tension can arise among family members, friends and other interested parties.  These types of disputes often involve substantial amounts of money and property and they can be very difficult to sort out and resolve on your own.

If there is a disagreement over a will and how to interpret the wishes of the deceased, all interested parties have the right to file a legal challenge to the will.  Time is of essence in will contest cases.  There are very strict deadlines associated with these types of claims and it is important to be aware you do not have to wait until a will is admitted to probate in order to  file a will contest suit.  

If you are involved in a dispute over a will you should discuss your situation with an experienced Fort Myers will contests lawyer.  The legal team at SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers represents beneficiaries, heirs, personal representatives and other interested parties in significant will contests cases.  Our lawyers are experienced trial attorneys who know what it takes to analyze, prepare and litigate these complex claims.  We draw upon our background as accomplished litigators to thoroughly investigate the case and formulate strategies aimed at protecting the legal rights and interests of our clients.

Handling a Complete Range of Will Contests

There are many different grounds upon which a will can be contested in Florida.  The attorneys at SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers handle a complete range of will contest cases, including:

  • Improper Will Execution
  • Undue Influence
  • Lack of Mental Capacity
  • Fraud or Duress

We understand the complicated legal and factual issues that can arise in a will contest case.  While wills are supposed to serve as the voice of the deceased, there are times when a will needs to be challenged in order to protect the true wishes of the decedent.  In these situations, our attorneys work side by side with our clients to make sure the truth is uncovered and the proceeds of the estate are distributed according to the actual intentions of the decedent.

Whether you are an heir, potential heir, or a personal representative involved in a dispute over an estate, you need to seek the advice of a skilled litigator.  At SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers our attorneys are committed to aggressively advocating for clients in will contests cases.  

We are a small group of legal professionals who believe in providing one on one attention to all of our clients in every case.  This means we will take the time to understand your situation and explain complex legal concepts and procedures to you.  We understand will contests can be very troublesome and difficult.  Our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible, while taking all steps necessary to fully protect your legal rights and interests.  

Contact SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers

The attorneys at our firm serve clients throughout the Southwest Florida region.  If you are dealing with a dispute over a will contact a will contests attorney at SW Florida Probate Trial Lawyers.  We can be reached by calling 800-785-0647 or completing our online contact form.  Our probate and trust litigation firm also operates offices in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Florida.